p-Card Program

  • The district's p-Card program is designed to streamline our purchasing process by reducing the number of requisitions, purchase orders and check requests processed each year. The program provides greater flexibility, allows employees to get merchandise quicker, reduces the amount of paperwork required, and enhances overall purchasing and payment efficiencies.

    Getting Started

    To get started with the p-Card program, each employee receiving a card should read the p-Card Program Cardholder Procedure Manualwhich contains all of the policies and procedures relating to the program. Each individual cardholder must submit a p-Card Application Form which has been signed by their supervisor. By signing this form, the cardholder acknowledges that they have access to the p-Card Program Cardholder Procedure Manual, and they agree to be bound by the rules set forth therein.

    Other Useful Forms

    p-Card Reconciliation Instructions (With Step-by-Step Illustrations)  
    Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to reconcile a purchase card statement in Munis. 

    BMO Quick Reference Guide 
    First-time login instructions, navigation, downloading eStatements, etc.  Includes additional video tutorials if preferred.  

    p-Card Summary Form 
    Some cardholders may find it useful to keep a log of their p-Card purchases. Use this Excel form to do just that.

    p-Card Missing Documentation Form
    If a cardholder is missing a receipt, they should first contact the vendor to obtain a duplicate receipt. If they are still unable to obtain a proper receipt, the Missing Documentation Form can be used. **CAUTION** This form can only be used twice in one fiscal year, and NEVER for grant purchases.
    p-Card Statement Dispute Form 
    Use this form if the cardholder has a dispute that they are unable to resolve with the vendor themselves. This form helps the Program Administrator when dealing with the bank.
    p-Card Account Maintenance Form 
    Did you change your name? Change departments/schools? Do you need an increase or decrease in your monthly limit? Should an employee have their account suspended, closed or reinstated? Use this form.

    Departmental Cards
    In certain circumstances, the district may choose to issue cards to a building or department, rather than to an individual. These cards are called "departmental cards" and must be treated differently than individual cards.
    Departmental p-Card Code of Conduct 
    This form is required the first time an employee uses a departmental card and should be kept on file by the p-Card custodian.
    Departmental Card Log 
    Departmental p-Card custodians MUST keep a log of dates and times that each card is checked out and back in. This is required for proof of custody should a fraudulent charge occur.
    p-Card Voucher

    In order to check out an Administrative Center p-Card, employees will need to present this voucher to the Cashier. p-Cards checked out by the Cashier MUST be returned no later than 4:00 pm on the day of check out.
    FLOWCHART: Checking out a p-Card from the Cashier or p-Card Custodian 
    A flowchart that includes steps for checking out a p-Card from the Cashier (or other p-Card Custodian)

    Training Materials
    As training materials are created they will be posted here for your use.
    Quick Reference Guide (detailsOnline Account Holders) 
    This guide is a quick reference for detailsOnline account holders.
    p-Cards in Munis 
    Step-by-step instructions on how to review transactions, print and attach statements for review, release and review statements.
    FNSBSD p-Card Training 
    PowerPoint of initial p-Card training, including dos and don'ts for new p-Card users.
    Email - p-Cards - travel, personal, documentation, etc. 4-2-15 
    Email sent to all p-Cardholders on April 2, 2015, to address common problems and outline some tips to avoid problems in the future.

Last Modified on June 25, 2019