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  • Arctic Light Elementary School  is located on Fort Wainwright.  We are a K-5 school. Our school's mascot is the Arctic Fox. We wear our school colors Red, White and Blue proudly!

    Title 1 School This is determined by the percent of students that qualify for free/reduced lunch. As one of eleven Title 1 schools in the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District, we receive additional federal funds for support in reading and math.  These funds help us to provide supplemental academic support  for our students, additional professional development for our staff and increased parental involvement opportunities for our parents. If you would like to learn more about our Title 1 program and funds, please contact the front office.  We would love to have your input and ideas as we continually review our plan and create a program that will provide our students with excellent support for academic success.
     Class Size Arctic Light Elementary School is one the largest Elementary Schools in the North Star Borough School District.  We also have one of the highest rates of transiency; students coming and going from our school.  We aim for the district target class sizes though the movement of families can fluctuate our numbers quite quickly.  District Target Class Size Numbers are:  Kindergarten = 25;  First-Fifth Grades = 25.


    Arctic Light Elementary is a Borough School Arctic Light Elementary School belongs to the North Star Borough School District;  it is not a DOD School.  Though we are located on Fort Wainwright, we belong to and work under the guidance of the local school district.  Our Local School Board Meetings are the first and third Tuesdays of each month.  The chain of command at school follows: classroom teacher, counselor, assistant principal and ends with the school principal.


    School Boundaries Though Arctic Light is the only school on Post, there are three distinct school boundaries within Fort Wainwright.  Check your housing location to ensure your child will attend Arctic Light.  Our other schools are located off Post:  Hunter and Ladd Elementary Schools.


    Recess Everyday Everyday students attend recess as part of our adopted school program.  Make sure your child is prepared for our winter temperatures as district policy has students going outside until the temperatures drop below -20’F.  Though some new families find this surprising, the actual experience is enjoyable and rewarding as this occurs during our sun-up winter hours.  Remember, be prepared everyday for outside recess; rain is the exception.


    Neighborhood School Arctic Light is a neighborhood school.  Most of our students can walk to and from school.  There are no buses transporting students.  Our doors open 20 minutes before school to accommodate these walkers.




    Mr. Thad Keener

    Principal Arctic Light Elementary School

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