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  • ************* UPDATE***********.      September 28 – 2022


    Dear ASP families-


    I am sad to report, the 2nd quarter could bring more frustrations for our program. Many of you may already know, I am retiring and moving out of state in early November. My last day at Barnette will be October 14th. We have unsuccessfully tried to fill my position and are actively working on it. My fear is we won’t be able to staff appropriately and offer the same safe and productive program that we have in the past by October 17th, the beginning of the 2nd quarter. There may be a delay in starting. I know this brings a lot of frustration for you and your families. I am very sorry for the inconvenience.


    We plan to enroll for the 2nd quarter starting 9/29/22 and families will be notified of a confirmed spot on or about October 3rd. Spots are first come first serve.


    We appreciate your patience and support. Please don’t hesitate to send me any questions you may have.



    Barnette's After School Program strives to improve student academics by providing a safe environment for students to explore interests, develop confidence, and celebrate success while promoting positive connections between schools, families, and our diverse community.

    Our program provides academic support and enrichment opportunities for our students. We offer families the opportunity to enroll in a fee-based option Monday through Friday. We operate from the first day to the last day, including early outs. Your pick-up options are 4:15pm ($10.50 per day), 5:15pm ($17.50 per day) and 5:30pm ($19.25 per day). Your minimum commitment is two days a week and we commit by the quarter. See enrollment forms below.

    For more information, contact Missy Odsather at . We will operate M-F 245p-530p. 

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