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    Students and Parents: The following links provide you access to important information relating to finding the right college or university for you, paying for it, completing applications, writing essays, enrolling as a student athlete, etc, etc, etc. There is a wealth of information here. Happy searching.

    UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS: When you decide UAF is where you want to begin - or continue - your college education, you can apply using the online application.

                                                       2020 College + Career Fair

    UA SCHOLARS PROGRAM: The UA Scholars Program offers an $12,000 scholarship to the top 10% of the graduates from qualified Alaska high schools each year. Check out their web site: for details.

    The University Honors Program offers students special benefits, including personalized advising, Honors Floor residence, etc. Students who join the University Honors Program have the opportunity to participate in special undergraduate research and creative activities and will receive tailored advising in these areas.

    HOW TO PREPARE FOR COLLEGE: Even freshmen think ahead and plan for college. Check out this great link:

    FINANCIAL AID TIPS: Write scholarship essays that will captivate the attention of the award committee.

    COMMON APPLICATION : This site offers a common application which is the recommended form of 414 selective, independent secondary educational institutions. Students who complete the application save time when it is submitted to multiple institutions.

    HOW TO APPLY FOR COLLEGE WITH THE COMMON APP - The common app can make applying for college much easier for students (and their parents). It would great to help your readers discover the benefits of using it. If you need more time to review the guide, just click the link below: 

    REALIZING EDUCATIONAL AND CAREER HOPES - R.E.A.C.H. University of Iowa's certificate program for students with multiple learning and cognitive difficulties. Visit the website at

    LISTING OF AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES: This site is an alphabetical listing of American colleges and universities with links directly to the school's web site.

    COLLEGE COVERED:  It's officially college application crunch time! You can count on to provide you and your students with helpful information about the enter application process. Our insightful articles can help answer your students' question and our resources can keep them organized and in the know on what to complete next. 

    COLLEGE PLANNING CALENDAR: Don’t forget to share our College Planning Calendar with your families. This new tool includes comprehensive checklists for seniors and their parents to guide them through their college planning and help them stay on track.

    ALASKA CAREER INFORMATION SYSTEM(AKCIS) AKCIS is a comprehensive career guidance system that provides information and exploration tools to people throughout Alaska. It is great for choosing two-year and four-year colleges, graduate schools, and financial aid. It assists students with occupational and employment information and research. When viewing this site use these key words:

    Site Name: West Valley High School
    Username: westvalley
    Password: 4Student

    WESTERN UNDERGRADUATE EXCHANGE PROGRAM: WUE is the Western Undergraduate Exchange, a program of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE). Through WUE, students in western states may enroll in many two-year and four-year college programs at a reduced tuition level: oftentimes only 150 percent of the institution's regular resident tuition.

    MY MAJORS: For students who need help picking a major. Includes links to college departments and professional web sites.

    ATHLETICS: The NCAA (National College Athletics Association) eligibility center site includes rules and eligibility for NCAA. Explore the site for scholarship info, records and statistics of college-level sports, information on recruiting, and links to schools by conference, division, and NCAA region.

    NATIONAL STUDENT EXCHANGE : The National Student Exchange is an association of nearly 200 colleges and universities that have joined to provide exchange opportunities for their students. Students from one NSE member campus can apply for exchange to another NSE member campus for up to one year.

    U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION: This site, Thinking College Early, is a great resource for information on getting ready for college early.

    FASTWEB: An excellent web site for finding scholarships.

    IN ADDITION: Information from some guidebooks on college options can be access online at the following sites:,,
    Another site that can help you in deciding on colleges is

    These sites can help you identify colleges that match your interests and preferences:

    College Board Online:
    Planning for College Destination: Wiredscholar:

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