Virtual Tour of College Listed Below

  • Because of travel restrictions, there will not be a College & Career Fair in Fairbanks. 

    However, many secondary education organizations and schools are offering virtual College Fairs. 
    Whether you are a senior looking to learn more about a school you are interested in or junior who wants to get a jumpstart at looking at what different schools across the country have to offer,
    register for one of the fairs- they are all free. 
    In addition to information on specific schools, there are presentations on campus life, financial aid and other topics of interest to students applying for admission. 

    We strongly encourage you to check out a few of these fairs!


    UAF Information Sessions 
    UAF has a number of different virtual informational meetings. 
    Since we are unable to have speakers come to West Valley during SSP as we have in the past,
    we strongly urge you to check out and participate in these virtual meetings.


    Ak Pacific Univ


    Pacific Northwest Association for College Admission Counseling hosts a virtual event:
    October 26-29 Alaska/Idaho Student week
    During this week, college representatives will be standing by, ready to meet students and their families.
    From live presentations on financial aid and how to write your application essay, to text chat, videos and downloadable college materials,
    this virtual experience will allow you to explore, learn and connect with colleges and universities from around the country (and world!). 

                                    Registration in advance is required. 
                                   You can login to explore 145 colleges.
    The event website and recordings will be available until December 31, 2020.


    Pacific Lutheran University


    My name is Leah and I am an admission representative at Willamette University.
    Leah Boynton | she/her
    Assistant Director of Admission | Office of Admission

    900 State Street | Salem, OR 97301

    Office: 503-375-5360 


    Virtual Christian College Fair:
    November 9- February 18
    Visit the website for a complete slate of events
    Free registration for the events you are interested in attending

Last Modified on November 20, 2020