Denali After School Program

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    Denali After School Program is operating in person for select classes as of September 12th 2022

    Monday - Thursday 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm

    We offer ASP to grades 1-5 and in-person classes start Monday September 12th 2022.

    Scroll down to see photos of the different activities from this fall!

    The 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant Funded After School Programs strive to improve student academics by providing a safe environment for students to explore interests, develop confidence, and celebrate success while promoting positive connections between schools, families, and our diverse community.

    No Program February 20-23, 2023

    ASP Students

    ASP Student



  • Basic Engineering and Structural Integrity: 1st Graders learn about bridges and how they are structured by building their own with toothpicks and marshmallows.

    Easter Egg Coloring: Students get to create their own colors with the dye to color and decorate their eggs.

    Recess Time: Students start After School time by going outside to the playground. They can choose to sled or engage with the equipment after their day inside.

    Art to emphasize fine motor skills: Students enjoy engaging in origami, gluing, drawing, and cutting various projects with direct coaching from their teachers. 

Contact Information

  • Alicia Sundborg
    After School Program Coordinator

    Office hours: 10:30-6:00 M-Th, 8:00-3:30 F
    Office phone: (907) 452-2000 x 32118
    ASP cell phone: (907) 590-3753
    Student In-person
    September 12-April 27
    Mon. - Thur. 3:30-5:30 pm
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