• In the spring of 2023. the FNSBSD administered the Alaska System of Academic Readiness (AK STAR) to students in grades 3-9 to assess their understanding of the Alaska English Language Arts Standards and the Alaska Math Standards.  Starting in the spring of 2023, the MAP Growth spring test and AK STAR were combined in to one assessment.  Also, students in grades 5, 8, and 10 also took the Alaska Science Assessment, which assessed their understanding of the Alaska Science Standards adopted by the state in 2019. 


Overview of Assessment Reports

Report Interpretation

Students' Reports

  • Student's reports are now available in PowerSchool under "Student Records" and "Student File" (see image below).  These reports can only be viewed through the PowerSchool guardian account and only when using a web browser.  District and School reports are listed below.  

    PowerSchool Student Records

District Reports

School Reports

    • Parents have the right to make educational decisions for their child, including whether to participate in statewide testing. Please check with your school principal for more information.