• Component #1
    Evidence Based Materials
  • Component #2
    Professional Development in Reading
  • Component #3
    State Adopted Literacy Screeners
  • Component #4
    Reading Achievement Plans and Targeted Support
  • Component #5
    Family Partnerships and Communication

Component #1 - Evidence Based Materials

  • The Fairbanks North Star Borough School District has adopted Into Reading for core reading instruction in grades K through 5. Into Reading is published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH 2022) and is based on the body of research known as the science of reading and includes best practices for teaching students to read. Into Reading is scaffolded and includes multiple layers of instruction and materials to support the key elements of reading.

    For additional interventions, the district uses the following evidence-based, and science of reading aligned materials: Amira, UFLI, SmartyAnts, Bridge the Gap, Waggle, and Phonics for Reading. These interventions will be used in all elementary schools as part of the Multi-Tier Systems of Support (MTSS) intervention plan.

    These elementary instructional reading materials and interventions have been selected to support our curriculum and to meet the Alaska Reads Act requirement for alignment with the science of reading.