Frequently Asked Questions

  • See below for commonly asked questions about school efficiency in the following categories: General, Finances & Budget, School Boundaries & Redistricting, Repurposing a Building, and 6-8 Middle Schools.


  • Why is the district going through this school efficiency and closure process?

  • Is there opportunity for staff, students or parents to voice their opinion to this proposed school closure?

  • What is the school efficiency report?

  • What was the School Efficiency Task Force?

  • Did the School Efficiency Task Force start from scratch or did the district already have recommendations for review?

  • How were some schools chosen for recommended closure over others?

  • When will we know if our school is being impacted, or closed?

  • What will happen if enrollment dramatically increases?

  • What if student enrollment increases at Eielson Air Force Base?

  • How will school closures impact bus transportation?

Finances & Budget

  • How does closing a school save the district money?

  • If this work is being done to find efficiencies, how does the district spend its money now?

  • Will these school efficiencies solve the district’s budget woes?

  • Will the district lose Title I funding because two Title 1 schools are closing?

School Boundaries & Redistricting

  • What will happen to the students who attend schools slated for closure?

  • My child’s school isn’t on the closure list. Will my family still be impacted?

  • When closures and boundary changes go into effect, what will happen to staff?

Repurposing a Building

  • How does repurposing a building save money?

  • Why is so much effort being put into giving a homeschool program a building? Isn't that the opposite of what a homeschool program is all about?

6-8 Middle Schools

  • Why is 6-8 middle schools included in the efficiency discussion?

  • How is 6-8 better for students?

  • How are the middle schools going to be able to handle more students?