• Junior High Athletic and Activities Participation Requirements

    Students must be in attendance the entire school day (all class periods for which they are scheduled) in order to practice or participate in any extracurricular or co-curricular activity.  For activities or events that are scheduled on non-school days or weekends, students are required to attend every class on the last school day prior to the activity.  Students who are absent from school, any time during the day of a school-sponsored student group activity, shall not be allowed to participate in any meeting, practice or competition of that group that day unless the absence is approved one day in advance.

    Athletic participation requirements are as follows:

    All information regarding school-sponsored activities will be found here. 


    Remember you need a Sports Physical, an Activity Consent form, and a Concussion Awareness form on file BEFORE you can try out OR go to practices! 








    To be eligible for participation in a school-sponsored student group that prepares students for ASAA sanctioned groups in high school, JH students must have a 2.0 (C) grade point average with no more than one F at the end of the most recent grading period.

    Students not meeting this eligibility requirement shall have a ten-school-day probationary period at the beginning of the sports season in which they participate, during which they must meet the eligibility guidelines as outlined in Fairbanks North Star Borough School District Administrative Regulation 955.21.


Middle School Sports