Chromebook login screen

  • We are changing all Chromebooks in the district to Always show user names and photos. This will make it easier to use, especially in a 1-1 environment.

    If no one has signed into a Chromebook, it will show a Sign in to your Chromebook screen and ask for your email, and have or automatically filled out.

    Chromebook Login Screen 1

    If a user has already signed into the Chromebook, it will show their profile picture, name, and password field. No need to enter the f- or s-number again.

    Chromebook Login Screen 2

    To log another person into the Chromebook, click on the Add Person button at the bottom, then log in as normal.

    To remove a user from the login screen, click the down arrow next to their name and click the Remove account button. This will remove them from the Chromebook, but not impact their Google drive. You can also perform a Powerwash by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Shift + r at the login screen to remove all profiles at once.

    If you have a lab or cart where always having Sign in to your Chromebook makes more sense, put in a work order with the lab or cart number and it can be switched back.

Last Modified on December 17, 2021