Better Student Services

  • The district is able to provide better services to students when buildings are at an ideal utilization of 80-95%. Staff can provide better services to 300 students in one building, for example, than 300 students spread over three buildings. More students in a school building means more teachers as well. This leads to increased instructional options for families in elementary grade bands, and greater class, elective, and activity options for students in secondary grade bands.

  • Elementary Schools

    Optimal utilization of elementary schools means:

    • Better able to maintain target class sizes with fewer split grade level classes (K/1, 2/3, 4/5, etc.).

    • Schools can offer specials, such as music, physical education, and library without having wide gaps in the schedule.

    • Schools are easier to staff and predict from year to year, meaning there is less dramatic shifting of staff and schools can create greater community stability.

    • Special Education services, English Language Learners tutoring, Migrant Education and other support services are able to spend more time at a single school, reducing time spent traveling between schools and increasing student contact time.
  • Middle Schools

    Optimal utilization of middle schools (if middle schools become 6-8) means:

    • Students will have the ability to access additional courses that will offer them a more well-rounded middle school experience. As enrollment has decreased in past years, elective and non-core class offerings have fallen away.

    • More elective courses leads to increased student engagement and attendance, as well as teaching diverse skill sets.
      • Examples of additional classes that may be available: App Creation, Computer Science, Robotics, Engineering, Video Production, Podcasting, Art, Band and Orchestra.

    • Middle schools become a stronger community by building relationships over three years. This also lessens the transition fatigue many students and families experience with grade 7-8 middle schools.

    • 6th graders would have the option to participate in middle schools sports, clubs, and activities not available at an elementary school.