Mailing With the Print Shop

  • When mailing items through the USPS there are restrictions on paper weight, paper colors, and specific formatting requirements needed on your mailer. The final product may vary from the original request, you may always request a proof. 

    Bulk Mailing: Over 200 Pieces of Mail

    Bulk mail printing is a contracted service provided by Advanced Printing that saves time and money on large mailings over 200 pieces of mail. Bulk mail printing will fold, stuff, label, and stamp each piece of mail at a discounted price from standard postage.


    1. School or department designs a postcard or letter.
    2. School or department contacts Student Information Systems to pull updated addresses.
      • Don't forget to ask for the total number of addresses to know what quantities to print. 
    3. School or department print postcard or letter though Advanced Printing or another print shop.
    4. School or department puts in a bulk mail order through Advanced Printing
      • Advanced Printing completes necessary finishings and places the project in the mail. 
Last Modified on August 2, 2022