Example of the current Chromebook loan agreement

  • This school year, 2022-2023, BEST families have the option to check out a new Chromebook (one Chromebook per family). These Chromebooks are on loan for the school year. The parent/guardian must sign a loan agreement similar to the one listed below before receiving a Chromebook.  Please contact the BEST office to reserve one for your family or email Kelly Morgan, our Admin Secretary, at Kelly.Morgan@k12northstar.org.  452-2000 x11275


    Chromebook Loan Agreement

    Parent/guardian initials indicate agreement:

    ____If the student withdraws from BEST during the school year, the Chromebook must be returned immediately.

    ____ All district Chromebooks should be returned by May 13, 2022.    

    ____ If the family completes the BEST re-enrollment process for the following school year, the Chromebook may be re-checked out to the family for usage during the summer and the next school year. We just ask that you bring the Chromebook back to the office during the month of May so we may complete the check-out process.

    ____BEST will not be held accountable for providing other software for use on Chromebook. 

    ____I understand that I am allowed to install other educational software on the district Chromebook assigned to me.

    ____I am liable for a charge of $300.00 for misuse, damage, or failure to return the Chromebook as agreed.

    ____ If I fail to pay any fees or sums payable to BEST pursuant to this agreement, or otherwise fail to fully abide with the agreement’s terms and conditions, I understand that BEST may, pursuant to FNSBSD Administrative Regulation 1047.4, withhold the grades and diploma of a student listed in the agreement until restitution is made.  

    ____User data is the responsibility of the student. Data should be backed up prior to returning the device to BEST or prior to service/repair. I understand that the hard drive may be erased without notice.