Teacher Induction

  • Teacher Induction program focused on supporting new career teachers and new-to-district teachers. Its goal is to build a workforce of effective teachers who are able to teach in a way that addresses various students' needs and prepare them for the future career.

    This two-year program is guided by the logic model that describes activities and anticipated outcomes for new teachers in terms of their performance and perceptions. esults from the program evaluation are used for future professional learning of new teachers and improvement of programs itself. 


    Teacher Induction program starts with the New Hire Academy. This year Academy will be held on August 5, 8, and 9 and the topics will include district overview, building familiarity with curriculum standards at the appropriate grade level and content area, classroom management strategies, meeting the needs of diverse student populations, and other topics designed to prepare the beginning professional for a successful year of teaching. Additionally, new hires will meet district instructional coaches and mentors with whom they will continue to work throughout the entire first year. 


    For quick help in finding resources, procedures and people, all new teaching staff can find relevant information in the New Hire Guide that was developed by new teachers from previous years.


    Staff supporting new teachers:

    • Instructional Coaches who work across district or in individual schools
    • Instructional Technology Coaches who support with all district teachers
    • building mentors who work with first and second year new career teachers (please inquire if one is assigned in your school building)
    • Curriculum Coordinators: Mackenzie Staiger for elementary curriculum and Tara DeVaughn for secondary curriculum
    • Executive Director, Chane Beam for credit classes and continuous education credit


    Alaska Teaching Certificate

    If you currently have your initial teaching license, guidelines for receiving your permanent Alaska teaching license are listed on the Department of Education and Early Development website.

    If you need to take an Alaska Studies course and Multicultural course, you can find the list of approved courses below:

    Approved Alaska Studies Courses
    Approved Multicultural Ed Courses 

    Teachers can take required classes via distance learning offered by Alaska Staff Development Network (ASDN) or UAF eCampus. They can also enroll in the district-sponsored year-long class "Alaska Studies and Culturally Responsive Teaching".