Wellness Check for Students & Staff

  • The Wellness Check is intended to help parents, students, and staff understand the district's expectations of what students and staff should do if they are not feeling well.

Major Symptoms

    • Fever - over 100° F
    • Cough - severe cough, rapid and/or difficulty breathing, wheezing, accompanied by a sore throat or not feeling well
    • Diarrhea
    • Ears - pain, swelling, drainage or difficulty hearing
    • Eyes - red, itchy eyes with clear, yellow, or green drainage may be contagious and a sign of bacterial conjunctivitis (pink eye)
    • Rash - accompanied by fever and behavioral changes, or that is oozing/open wound, or tender with the rash worsening
    • Sore throat - difficulty swallowing, white spots in back of throat
    • Vomiting



    Stay home - consider evaluation by your healthcare provider. Return to school or work when free of major symptoms without medication for 24 hours.

    Positive COVID Test:

    Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 should follow the State of Alaska guidelines.

Minor Symptoms

    • Congestion/runny nose
    • Mild headache
    • Mild fatigue
    • Mild sore throat


    Stay in school or at work - continue to monitor symptoms.


  • For more information, contact your school nurse or call the district nursing department at (907) 452-2000 x11253.

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