Career Planning using the Career Tree method

  • Watch video on how to utilize the career tree

    Career Tree

Step by Step Guide for Career Planning

  • Step 1: Explore Your Branch branch

    •      Define your lifestyle - what do YOU define as successful living

    •      Determine what items need to be developed in your root system to support your branch

    •      Use the Career Tree Compare and Contrast Report  to determine your branch level 



    Step 2:  Defining Your Leaf. tree branch

    •      Define your interests 

                     See the AKCIS tab to explore your interests by navigating to the "Learn More About Myself" link
    •      Explore careers that involve your interests, passions, and lifestyle

    •      Use the Career Tree Branch Report  to help clarify your thoughts


     Step 3:  Develop Your Roots.   roots

    •       Identify academic classes needed to develop your tree trunk, branches and leaves

    •       Determine professional skills to develop while attending classes and pursuing goals 

    •       Distinguish experiences, whether new or old, to help increase confidence 

    •       Build passion for success as confidence builds 

    •       Use the Career Tree Root System Career Plan Report to help identify all four; academics, professional skills, experiences & passion  


    Step 4:   Reassess Your Goals - "For Now" Mindset.  reassess   

    •       Your branch and your leaf is for you to determine, if a change is needed, repeat steps 1 - 3 

    •       Careers that are pursued now, do not need to last your lifetime, the goal you set is just for this moment in life. 



    Step 5:   Build your Resume. resume


    Step 6:   Determine the best pathway after high school  footsteps

    •       Pursuing a career is not a "One-Size-Fits-All" mindset 

    •       Explore varied options to determine best pathway for your success 



    military                  vocational                           apprenticeships                                  community college                     college  

         Military                     Vocational School       Work Apprenticeships         2-year college          4-year college/university







Last Modified on April 19, 2021