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    • USDA has provided a participation option through the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) which gives us the ability to offer Breakfast and Lunch at NO-CHARGE for the 2021-2022 school year to all students enrolled in a school that participates in our NSLP program. (i.e. if your child attends an FNSBSD school that has an NSLP lunch program, they get to get 1 no-charge reimbursable lunch & breakfast meal per day.)

    • Students enrolled in E-learning at participating schools are able to pick up meals when the school is serving the students in attendance. E-learning students can pick up breakfast and lunch at one serving period (e.g., the student arrives at breakfast, both meals can be taken).

    • BEST students are able to receive meals if they are attending a class at a participating brick & mortar school immediately before or after a meal service

    • At this time, a parent cannot pick up meals for their student.

    • Ala Carte items (e.g., bags of chips, extra milk, etc.) are not free of charge. 

    • Preordering will not be an option for this semester. Students can pick up breakfast and lunch meals by going down with their class to the kitchen during school meal times.

    Even though meals are at no charge for the 21-22 school year, we highly encourage families to complete the 2021-2022 meals application Free & Reduced Meals Application. meal status is still used to provide assistance with course fees, exam fees, and federal funding for the District (e.g. Title I), to name a few. 


  • Pandemic-EBT Information


    P-EBT is part of the U.S. government's response to the COVID -19 pandemic. It is a state-issued benefit, run and managed by the state of Alaska. It provides nutrition benefits to students who have lost access to free or reduced-price school meals.



    For all questions regarding P-EBT please visit the state's website at:





    FNSBSD Nutrition Services' mission is to provide appealing and nutritious meals which promote the overall health of each student so they can fully engage in the educational process.


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    Welcome to FNSBSD Nutrition Services! We look forward to a great year with you!

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Last Modified on February 24, 2022