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    NHS applicants: the faculty council has named the NHS members for the 2022-2023 school year. If you applied, letters went out Thursday (April 21st) to your school district email. Please check your email and accept or decline your invitation.


    The West Valley High School E’neput Chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS) is a selective organization that welcomes students who excel in the four pillars of scholarship, leadership, service and character. Students with a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher are invited to apply to the National Honor Society during their junior year of high school. 


    “E’neput” is a Yupik word meaning, “Our House” and West Valley takes extreme pride in selecting the most capable students to represent “Our House.”


    After selection, the NHS members are expected to attend meetings and contribute to both the Fairbanks and West Valley communities. 


    The Four Pillars

    SCHOLARSHIP: Entry-level prerequisite: 3.75 cumulative GPA for five semesters; in addition, positive attitude in all learning situations; desire for learning, conscientiousness; willingness to enter a demanding learning situation in at least one area of study.


    LEADERSHIP: both in and out of the classroom; in a given situation, the student exerts a positive influence over his/her peers; he/she can be relied on to set a positive tone for the group or class; he/she can accept responsibility for the consequences of decisions.


    SERVICE: positive attitude; willingness to be involved and to do more than his/her share of any enterprise; cooperativeness with peers and adults; will do the jobs no one else wants, even without recognition, just because they need to be done.


    CHARACTER: involves all of the above, particularly attitude, trustworthiness, responsibility, honesty, integrity and reliability.

    Selection Process*


    In Spring, 11th graders who have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.75 throughout their high school career will be given the opportunity to fill out the NHS application packet that attests to their mastery of the four pillars. Students attend a mandatory orientation meeting where application packets are formally provided. This packet includes an essay and letters of recommendation from teachers and/or the community. No late packets will be accepted. 

    This documentation is given to the National Honor Society faculty council, who remain anonymous to students, parents, and other faculty, which is made up of five West Valley teachers teaching in the core disciplines. The council reviews the applications as well as input from the entire West Valley staff. 

    Each West Valley staff member is given the opportunity to rate candidates on the four pillars by using a numerical scale (1 - 5). The selection committee also reviews comments given by staff and faculty at West Valley. Any score of 1 or 2 results in further investigation by the NHS advisors who report their findings to the council. 

    Once the council votes, letters are distributed to the NHS applicants indicating if they are selected for membership into the E’neput chapter. Any student who is not accepted into the NHS may appeal the decision to the principal, in writing, within two weeks. If the principal feels the non-selection was made in error, they can override the decision of the selection committee. 

    * Selection process may vary due to COVID 


    If students in the NHS fail to adhere to the four pillars, they may be dismissed from the organization. The procedure for dismissal is based on the NHS constitution and procedures developed by the E’neput chapter of the NHS

    1. If a student falls below the required GPA, or misses two or more meetings, they will receive a warning letter and will be given the opportunity to redeem themselves. 
    2.  According to the NHS constitution, students can be dismissed in cases of flagrant violation of school rules or the law, and a member does not have to be warned. 
    3. Ultimately, the faculty council can determine if a student will be dismissed. Members who have been dismissed may appeal to the faculty council and/or 

    Link to the NHS constitution

    Link to WVHS bylaws

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