Work Experience For High School Credit Option

  • Work Experience for Credit is completed outside of regular class hours. A student does not need to register for the credit option in advance, but he/she must submit the application for credit after the necessary hours are completed. It is the sole responsibility of the student to ensure requirements are met and submitted according to deadlines.

    WORK EXPERIENCE FOR CREDIT HIGH SCHOOL OPTION: Students & Parents/Guardians will read and agree to follow the guidelines of the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District’s Work Experience for Credit option.

    .    The student and parent/guardian understand that it is the student’s responsibility to submit his/her work verification logs and required signatures on time to receive credit toward graduation.

         This option’s credit does not count toward ASAA eligibility.

         This option is not a ‘class’, is not listed in a student schedule, and therefore does not count as a class for the purposes of eligibility.

          This credit option earning 0.5 credits receives a grade of “PASS” that does not count as a grade for GPA purposes.

    CREDITS: Work Experience for Credit is a 0.5 credit elective option available for high school students who work for 120 hours and complete all of the requirements. Students may earn a maximum of 2 credits towards graduation. Students may accumulate hours over multiple terms, as long as the work is continuous; credit is awarded in the semester the work is completed and forms are submitted. Students may repeat Work Experience for Credit up to four times, or for a maximum of 2 credits. Work Experience for Credit is graded Pass or Fail.

    DEADLINES: This form and accompanying documents must be submitted within the first two weeks of the following semester to be recorded and included with semester grades. (Example, to receive credit for the fall semester, documentation must be submitted within the first 2 weeks of the following spring semester). Graduating seniors must submit all paperwork at least two weeks before the end of the semester to be recorded and included with semester grades. Work completed during the summer must be submitted by September 1 of each school year. Completed packets may be submitted early at any point in the semester.


Last Modified on October 5, 2021