• Nothing matters more to us than the safety of our students and staff, and unfortunately, recent events and news headlines require us to actively prepare to protect ourselves in the event of an aggressive intruder or active shooter scenario.

      In coordination with the Alaska State Troopers, Fairbanks Police Department, and North Pole Police Department, the school district is preparing for a shift in our active shooter response. A small group of district staff recently joined local law enforcement for training in ALICE, a response system specifically used for aggressive intruder or active shooter events.  Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate are the key components of this training which empowers individuals to make proactive response decisions rather than follow a passive, mandated, one-size-fits-all response protocol.

      A borough-wide stakeholder group of school administrators, local law enforcement officers, and local agency representatives participated in ALICE training in January 2018. In August 2018 school crisis teams attended training with school staff being trained in September/October 2018. School operating procedures include age-appropriate training describing how students and staff can most effectively respond to minimize loss of life.  Understanding the options for response is key to the ALICE approach.  

      Principals, Teachers, Counselors, and other staff have introduced ALICE in their schools.  The students have participated in lessons explaining what ALICE stands for as well as age-appropriate scenario talks in their classrooms.  Many schools are currently performing schoolwide drills using age-appropriate material and scenarios.  Schools are communicating with their families, students, and staff.  

      Parents can learn more about ALICE implementations in a K-12 setting at the ALICE Training Institute website or by contacting their school principal.


    ALiCE Lesson Information


Last Modified on September 1, 2020