• Mr. Brovold was born in Washington State, served in the Army in Germany, attended college in Oregon, and moved to Alaska in the final year of the last century. Most of his teaching has been at Hunter Elementary. Most of the YouTube videos he watches are about learning how things work. He loves to be outside, especially biking with friends and family.

    Ms. Pfisterer and Mr. Brovold are teaching the 6th grade class together.  Ms. Pfisterer is teaching Writing, Social Studies and Art and Mr. Brovold is teaching Reading, Science and Math.  All our class information can be found by logging into our Google Classrooms.  Students should login to Google Meet to check in with their HomeRoom teacher at 9:30am every morning to get their assignments and ask questions.  Links for our Google Meet can be found in our Google Classroom.

    Your child will find it extremely helpful to concentrate and do their best work if they have a quiet place of their own to work.


    6th Grade will meet through GOOGLE MEET in GOOGLE CLASSROOM

    Your child will be expected to attend our online meetings at regular times starting at 9:30. Attendance will be taken. The online class meetings will be no more than 1 hour long, and our goal is to keep them less than 45 minutes so that there is a break between online classes. There will be some times where your child will be working independently on the computer as well. Lunch will be from 12:30 to 1:00. Their school day will officially end at 2:30.
    The schedule will look like this to begin with:
    9:30      period 1: Math
    10:30    period 2: English Language Arts (ELA – Ms. Pfisterer
    11:30    open conferencing (students are able to get help from either teacher and other students)
    12:30    Lunch
     1:00    period 3: Science
     1:30    period 4: Social Studies (S.S. – Ms. Pfisterer)
     2:00    one to one conferencing (by appointment)
     2:30    end of school day



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Russel Brovold

Room 143

456-5775 x34143