Community Engagement: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • The Fairbanks School District works with our Fairbanks community to increase DEI awareness and provide community resources to our students and families. Below are programs the Fairbanks School District has implemented to support diversity, equity, and inclusion in our community.

Fairbanks Coalition Builders

  • The National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI), is an international leadership organization that provides training in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). NCBI offers training programs that motivate people to change their prejudicial attitudes in an innovative and positive approach not through changing people's minds but changing people's hearts.

    The Fairbanks Coalition Builders, an NCBI Affiliate, offers a series of incremental, experiential activities that help participants:

    • Celebrate their similarities and differences
    • Recognize the misinformation they've learned about various groups
    • Identify and heal from internalized oppression-the discrimination members of an oppressed group target at themselves and each other
    • Claim pride in group identity
    • Understand the personal impact of discrimination through the telling of stories
    • Learn hands-on tools for dealing effectively with bigoted comments and behavior


    Visit their website:

Bright Futures Fairbanks

  • As a Bright Futures USA affiliate, Bright Futures Fairbanks provides a framework to bring together existing community resources to meet the needs of children in the community. Our vision is to increase each young person's sense of belonging and grow a culture of caring by identifying immediate needs and connecting them with available community resources.  

    • We shine a light on the unmet needs of our community's youth in order to be able to meet any child's basic needs within 24 hours.
    • We help youth to let their light shine by supporting service projects that empower students to increase their life readiness skills as they serve their communities.


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