Software Request FAQs

  • What is Computer Software?

    It’s all in the DETAILS. Look for these “keywords”:

    D – “Download”

    E – “EULA” (End User License Agreement), “Extension”

    T – “Technology”, “Terms of Service”

    A – “Access”, “Add-on”, or “App”

    – “Install” (even if it’s free)

    L – “License”

    S – “Software”, “Subscription” or “SaaS” (Software as a Service)


    The software appears to be free or partially free, doesn’t require installation or any additional District support to use. Do I still need to get District approval?  

    NO, but keep in mind that without submitting this type of software for review, you may discover that it will not work on a District device or network. Troubleshooting and training support will not be provided at the District level.


    The software requires a paid subscription, whitelisting/ approval, installation, or offers integrations that I’d like to use. Do I need District approval?

    YES, you will need to decide if it will be Core or Supplemental software and submit your request for review prior to purchase. 

    Core = Software Review form             Supplemental = Web Help Desk/ work order


    I’m not sure if I really need this software, or if I should submit a request for review?

    Contact the Teaching & Learning Instructional Technology Coordinator to discuss currently available software and your tech needs. 452-2000 x11428

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