Software Request FAQs

  • What is Computer Software?

    It’s all in the DETAILS. Look for these “keywords”:

    D – “Download”

    E – “EULA” (End User License Agreement), “Extension”

    T – “Technology”, “Terms of Service”

    A – “Access”, “Add-on”, or “App”

    – “Install” (even if it’s free)

    L – “License”

    S – “Software”, “Subscription” or “SaaS” (Software as a Service)


    The software appears to be free or partially free, doesn’t require installation or any additional District support to use. Do I still need to get District approval?  

    MAYBE, keep in mind that without submitting a request for review, you may discover that it will not work on a District device or network. Software that you intend to share with your students, use to assess student work, or configure with student data, should be properly vetted by the Technology Department. Integrations such as rostering and SSO setup also require a review prior to use/purchase.


    The software requires a paid subscription, whitelisting/ approval, installation, or offers integrations that I’d like to use. Do I need District approval?

    YES, you will need to decide if it will be Core or Supplemental software and submit your request for review prior to purchase. 

    Core = Software Review form             Supplemental = Web Help Desk/ work order


    I’m not sure if I really need this software, or if I should submit a request for review?

    Contact the Teaching & Learning Instructional Technology Coordinator to discuss currently available software and your tech needs. 452-2000 x11428

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