• Transportation Services Provided

    • The district will offer normal transportation services for days students are in school.
    • We are restructuring the routing scheme to provide additional space on the schedule while working with the available buses on-hand. This allows us to spread the riding population out more evenly among buses.
      • This additional space will be used to split up high volume routes and;
      • Allow time between runs to clean high touch areas
      • Additional time between runs also acts as a buffer so that delays for one school run are less likely to affect the follow-on school run.

    Bus Registration System

    • Students will be registered for regular routes this year. Special Education routes are already on a registration system.
    • By registering students for the bus, we can proactively identify ridership levels for improved route planning efficiency. This ties into evenly distributing students among bus routes.
    • Student itineraries will be shared with schools to mitigate the risk of students boarding the wrong buses at the beginning of the year.
    • Bus registration will assist in contact tracing.
    • Registration is the first step in developing new systems and improved services such as bus tracking and notifications.
    • The bus registration form can be found on the Transportation website:

    Rules and Requirements for Riding the Bus

    • To maintain physical distancing on the bus, we will attempt to schedule routes so that students are seated one to a seat (to the extent practicable).
      • Students from the same household will be seated together in order to maximize available seating.
      • Students will be assigned seats based on stop order. The bus will be filled from back to front in order to minimize students passing each other in the confined space of the bus.
    • The CDC recommends seating students one to a seat and skipping a row between students. This would put our regular route capacity at 12 students per bus. This capacity is not feasible for many of our routes, and we do not have the capacity to add the additional number of buses that would be required. 
      • We will attempt to follow the guidelines as closely as possible on lower ridership routes.
      • Because the guidelines are not feasible on many of our routes without eliminating service, we will follow the CDC guidelines for when physical distancing is not possible. Students will be required to wear a mask on the bus. 
    • Students must remain seated and facing forward on the bus. Students will not be permitted to lean out into the isle, or over seats to talk to other students. This is already a bus rule for safe ridership, but mitigating the transmission of germs adds to its importance. 

    Bus Cleaning/ Disinfecting Procedures

    • First Student will sanitize each bus daily.
    • High touch surfaces such as handrails and seatbacks will be wiped down with disinfectant wipes between runs.
Last Modified on August 11, 2020