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    Role of Caregivers


    Social-emotional learning does not only take place in the classroom, it happens at home too. As a caregiver, you are helping your children develop both socially and emotionally every day. Schools and caregivers can work together to continuously provide positive social-emotional opportunities for your child that can encourage them to feel good about themselves, develop self- confidence, and learn to form secure relationships with others. Positive social-emotional learning helps to create a strong and healthy foundation for future academic success.



    What Can Caregivers Do?



    Caregivers can partner with schools to promote children's social and emotional learning through different ways.

    At Home

    • Focus on strengths
    • Ask Children How They Feel
    • Be Willing to Apologize
    • Ask Questions that Help Children solver Problems on their Own
    • Read Books and Stories Together
    • Choose a Few Responsiblities that Your Child Can Do Successfully at Home, and Encourage Them to Help

Caregiver Resources

Contact Information

  • ph   The RCPC Parenting Hotline is still open to the public daily from 8:00am to 8:00pm.

    Call us to help you navigate through any parenting concerns at (907) 456-9099. 211 Crisis Hotlines

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