• Boreal Sun Charter School recognizes the historic and ongoing impact of racism on our continent and the injustice and discrimination faced by Black, Brown, Indigenous, and People of Color. We understand that racial justice in education is a journey of both moral and educational imperative. As such, we take seriously our responsibility to bear witness to what is happening in the world, to center the voices of color in justice work, and to change the course of inequities by identifying and breaking down structural racism in all forms within Waldorf education. 

    We acknowledge that Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf education (1919), offered many profound insights that support the value and dignity of each human being and form the foundation of our organization’s history and worldview. Yet he also made statements that reflected harmful assertions regarding race and ethnicity. Racism, explicit or implicit, stands in direct conflict with the fundamental principles of Waldorf education. We commit to working to address any dehumanizing or disparaging aspects of our history and practices.

    Advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is one of the compelling forces behind Boreal Sun Charter School. These priorities are central to our work and aim to bring us closer to the world that we want for our youth.

    We know that we have far to go as a school and as individuals in our understanding of racial oppression and social justice.  Please join us by elevating your own commitment to social renewal and transformation. 

    Adapted from the statement by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America.