Owl talk by USFWS educator to classroom

Wildlife Week with Guest Speaker

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  • Environmental Educator Allyssa Morris from US Fish and Wildlife Service will be hosting zoom presentations designed for BEST k-6 graders. Each class is ~25-40 minutes long. Activity packets are included with most classes. Sign-up for one of the 5 presentations offered during Wildlife Week October 19-23 using the sign-up button above

    Kindergarten-Caribou: Students will learn about the external anatomy of caribou, the term migration and how it relates to caribou, and the difference between caribou and reindeer.1 pm Monday Oct 19 

    1st grade-Lynx: Students will learn about lynx behavior, diet, and other interesting facts. Participants will receive materials to make their own lynx mask at home. 2 pm Monday Oct 1

    2nd grade-Beavers: Student will learn about the role of beavers in our habitat and receive a kit to make beaver finger puppets. 1 pm Tuesday Oct 20

    3rd grade-Salmon: Students will learn about the external anatomy of salmon, the five species of Pacific Salmon found in Alaska, and the salmon life cycle. Participants will receive a kit to make salmon life cycle bracelet. 2 pm Tuesday Oct 20

    4th grade-Weasel Family: Students will learn about four different members of the Mustelidae family that are found in Interior Alaska. Students will observe different pelts and skulls of each species. 1 pm Thursday Oct 22

    5th grade-Owls: Students will learn about owl diet, predator/prey relations, and preferred habitat of various owl species. Participants will receive owl pellet dissection materials to complete at home. 2 pm Thursday Oct 22

    6th grade-National Wildlife Refuges and Careers: Students will go on a photo tour of the three Fairbanks-based refuges: Arctic, Kanuti, and Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuges before will learning about career opportunities at Refuges.  1pm Friday, Oct 23