About the Strategic Plan

  • The district's strategic plan is a document designed to set overall goals for the district and develop a plan to achieve them. The strategic plan shows where the district is headed and what its priorities should be. The following is the district's strategic plan for fiscal year 2015 to fiscal year 2019.

Mission Statement - What is our purpose?

  • Our mission is to provide an excellent, equitable education in a safe, supportive environment so all students will succeed and contribute to a diverse and changing society.

Vision Statement - What does success look like?

  • We envision learning without boundaries, where every student achieves his/her path to academic and career success. Learning will be driven by student need, through flexible and adaptive options. Supporting the district's educational system are highly engaged families; proven technology infrastructure; staff that are continually raising the bar in their profession; and a community that is committed to growing our future.

Strategic Goals - How will we succeed?

    1. Personalized Learning: Provide students with options to meet their needs and achieve academic success.
    2. Effective Communication: Establish transparent and consistent communication to increase student, parent, staff and community connectedness with the district.
    3. Parent & Community Engagement: Engage parents and community groups with schools to facilitate a stronger learning environment for students.
    4. Organizational Support: Create an environment that supports the needs of staff to enable a school and organizational climate where students thrive.
    5. Technology Integration: Expand student access to technology to amplify learning.

Core Values - How will we behave?

    • Student-Centered: Center everything we do on the student and student learning.
    • Respect: Embody respect for the diversity and dignity of all.
    • Safe Environment: Strive to provide a safe learning environment.
    • High Expectations: Maintain high expectations and educational opportunities to inspire high achievement.
    • Collaborative: Actively collaborate with students, family, and community to support student success.
    • Innovative: Aim to be innovative and adaptive to student needs.