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  • The library is sponsoring a read-a-thon in order to purchase new furniture and fun things for the library.  Any donations collected come to the library with the exception of 15%, that percentage goes to the child that earns the donation in order for them to shop for their own prizes for reading.

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  • The Ticasuk Brown Elementary 2017-18 school supply lists are available for viewing and download.

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  • The testing weeks are upon us! All 3rd - 5th graders will be taking the statewide PEAKS test, between March 28th-April 12th. Students in schools in Barrow, Juneau, Nome, and all places in-between here in Alaska will be taking the same tests as us here at Ticasuk Brown, so you can see how important these tests have become in measuring the progress of our students and our schools. For an up-to-date testing schedule please see below.  As I shared last week, students can’t really study for these tests but you can help us succeed in a few important ways:


    1. Attendance is critical. If we do not have 98% of students here at school to take the

                tests, our school automatically “fails” no matter how well the rest of our students do,

                so please make sure your child is here on time.


    1. State law mandates that once a student has started a test, the student cannot

                leave the school and return later to finish it, so please do not pull your child from

                the building for appointments over their testing days. Please contact the office

                as soon as possible if you have further questions or concerns.


    1. Thanks for continuing to make sure your child is well rested and well fed

                each day, but especially during these days of testing. Alert brains and satisfied

                tummies always help students do their best!


    1. Finally, it’s always a good idea to have a pep talk at home with your child

                about slowing down and taking time to do their very best on these tests. You

    won’t receive your child’s test results until the summer and these won’t

                impact his/her report card, but we want our students to “show off” a bit and let the

                rest of the state know just how smart our Ticasuk Ptarmigans really are! Thanks for

                the encouragement at home!


    Peaks Testing Calendar

    3rd Grade-March 28-29th

    4th Grade-April 4-6th

    5th Grade-April 11-12th

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  • Check out our new school newsletter for up-to-date information. 
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  • Schoolwide Expectations

    Dear Parent and Families, 
    This year we would like to clearly communicate our schoolwide expectations to students, parents and families. Please let us know if you have any concerns regarding our safety expectations. Thanks! 
    Our plan is based on a positive behavior intervention and support model. The plan is to clearly communicate our expectations with all stakeholders, model, teach and reteach our expectations, and praise and reward when students are following the expectations. Thanks again you for your support! Attached you will find our expectations.
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