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  • Bring a dozen cookies and join us at UPK on Monday, August 17th.  Class lists will be posted in the gym, 5:30-7:00PM.
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  • Supply List, 2015-16 School Year

    Buy the items while the sales are on! If you run into a snag financially or can't find the items, just let a staff member know - we will be able to help you.
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  •  Drive Safe!

    Student safety is in the driver's hands. Leave the house early enough so you are not rushed. Stay in line while flowing through the parking lot to the "stop, drop, and go" curb. Pull up, as far as possible, while wishing your child a good day. Be cautious as you drive to and from school. Children are precious!
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  • Keeping Kids Safe in the Digital Age

    The link below will take you to an excellent site where you can learn more about keeping your child safe in an increasingly connected world.
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